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Addams Family trading cards

Addams Family

The Addams Family trading card set was released by Donruss in 1964. There were 66 numbered cards in the set.

The Addams Family who were somewhat contemporary with The Munsters were a response to the 'monster craze' of the 1960's that impelled kids to spend their money on all things grotesque and horrifying. The Addams Family was, however, created by cartoonist Charles Addams decades earlier.

Card fronts depicted a black-and-white photo of a character or scene (often a publicity photo) from the show, with a stylized The Adams Family in red lettering, and the card number in a small red circle, superimposed over it. Along the bottom of the card was the card's humorous caption, a copyright notice (accompanied by "Watch THE ADDAMS FAMILY on your local ABC station"), and an ad for the rest of the card set.

The card backs for this set were puzzle pieces.

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