Alien (1979)

Alien See the full Alien card set here.

The Alien trading card set from 1979 is made up of 84 cards and 22 stickers. It was released by Topps.

The 1979 Ridley Scott film is considered as much horror as science fiction; despite its dark tone, a handful of products were marketed to kids, including this card series and an 18-inch Kenner action figure of the alien monster.

Card fronts feature a large still from the movie surrounded by red and yellow borders. Card backs have either a blue background surrounding a black alien 'egg' which contains a caption explaining the scene shown on the front, or a puzzle piece. There are 44 story-back cards and 36 puzzle-piece cards.

Stickers from this set show a die-cut photo of each character, outlined in yellow against a mottled green background.