All-Pro Skateboard

All-Pro Skateboard The All-Pro Skateboard trading card set was released by Donruss in 1978. It is comprised of 44 die-cut sticker-cards; 42 are regular numbered cards and the remaining 2 feature the logo for the International Skateboard Association on the front and have different backs.

Card fronts for this series depict a cartoon of either a particular skateboarding trick, displayed in a fantastic way, or a skateboarding character of some sort. Card backs show either a profiler of a prominent skateboarder (38 total), 3 cards telling the 'basic rules' of skateboarding, or a membership signup form for the afore-mentioned ISA.

Note: Donruss had produced the smaller and more basic Skateboarding Stickers set previously; they were very similar to the cardfronts from this series, and some stickers from the previous set have reportedly been found in All-Pro packs.