Allies In Action

Allies in Action Allies In Action was a card set released sometime in the early 1940's; it was a sequel to a similar set called Commando Rangers. Both were composed of 'strip cards,' i.e., cards printed in long strips with two perforated sides for separation. There were 140 cards in this set, composed of two series. It was produced by the W. H. Brady Company.

Card fronts depicted a color drawing of a military subject, in the art style of the time; this was surrounded on either side by a color border with the letter V (for victory?) repeated several times. The top of the card was a white border featuring the set title, with the card title in a white border at the bottom.

Card backs gave the set title and card number, then the title and a paragraph about the subject on the front. At the bottom was the appropriate copyright information.

Note: There are back variations in this set, in wording and ink color used; this indicates that there was probably more than one set printing.

On the card backs, the cards were referred to as 'pictograms' or 'pictocards.'

The card numbers each begin with AA, so that the set numbering runs AA-71 to AA-210. (It continues the numbering scheme from its Commando Rangers predecessor.)

The set is composed of two series, AA-71 to AA-140; and AA-141 to AA-210. The second set is generally considered scarcer and is more expensive.

This, with Commando Rangers, is one of the most sought-after WWII-era card sets.