America Salutes the FBI

America Salutes the FBI The America Salutes the FBI trading card set was released by Bowman Gum Inc. in 1949. It featured 36 cards, dealing with (fictionalized) adventures of America's national law enforcement organization. Cards in this set measured 2-1/16"x2-1/2".

Card fronts featured a piece of colored artwork, surrounded by a white border with the card title at bottom. Card backs were in both blue and red ink. Along the top was the title 'America Salutes the FBI - Heroes of the Law' followed by the card number, then the title and a paragraph describing the action from the front image. Approximately the lower half of the card was taken up by an offer for mail-in item related to the subject (i.e., a badge or other law enforcement-related item).

Cards from this set were printed on either white or gray card stock; the white is the more common.

The card backs indicate that the stories used were 'supplied by G-Men Detective Magazine,' a pulp fiction magazine of the time; this is further proof of their dubiousness.

Some card fronts from this set have been found with either blank backs, or backs from other Bowman card sets.

The American Card Catalog number for this set is R701-6.