America At War

America At War America At War was another in a series of strip cards (that is, cards printed in strips, with perforations on two ends for separating) produced by the W. S. Corp.; they also produced such sets as Foreign Legion and Army Navy Air Corps. There were 48 cards in the set, each measuring 2-7/16"x2-11/16".

The card fronts pictured comic-strip-type artwork of a particular wartime subject, with the set title in a red banner along the top, and the card title in a blue banner along the bottom; a white circle inset into the image gave the card number.

Card backs gave the set title, then the card number, then the title of the card and a paragraph of text about the image. At the bottom was the an ad for the rest of the card set ('This is one of a set of 48 cards') and the copyright information.

As the set title indicates, this series began production after America was drawn into World War II by the attack on Pearl Harbor. This is believed to be one of the last trading card issues produced by the U.S. government declared rationing on paper due to wartime demand.

The American Card Catalog designation for this set is R12.