American Beauties

American Beauties See the full American Beauties card set here

The American Beauties trading card set was issued by Gum Inc. in about 1944. It is comprised of 24 cards, measuring appx. 2-1/2"x3-1/2" in size. The American Card Catalog reference number is R59.

The card fronts are made up of 'good girl' pinup art, colorized against a solid color background, with a title related to the specific image and the Gum Inc. name and address at bottom right. The backs are blank.

These cards were apparently distributed in various ways, including unwrapped groups of twelve for a nickel, plain cellophane-wrapped packs, and in nine-card sheets.

The images in this card set were also used for other items by later manufacturers, including notepads, matchbooks, calendars, etc. The cards are similar in nature to the exhibit and Mutoscope cards of the same era.

The artwork on the card fronts is by famed pinup artist Gil Evgren.