Animals of the World

Animals of the World Topps produced the Animals of the World trading card set in 1951. It featured 100 cards, numbering #101-200. The cards depicted various interesting creatures from across the globe, as rendered by artist Mary Baker; they measured 2-1/16"x2-5/8".

Card fronts showed a painted picture of the animal, surrounded by a thick white border and with the creature's name at the bottom. Card backs had the card number in a cartoon silhouette of a mobile cage (similar to the kind traditionally associated with a traveling circus or zoo) at the top left, with the animal's proper name and a very short description (such as 'Walking monkey skeleton' for the spider monkey). Below this was a paragraph describing the animal, then an indication of the set length and the set logo.

Cards from this set were available for sale as either 1-card-for-a-penny packs, or in perforated panels (with 2 cards each), with 2 panels for 5 cents. Panels are more scarce and therefore more expensive. Single-issued cards are on white stock, panel cards on gray.

Packs of this card were labeled 'Zoo Picture Gum', although the correct title is still Animals of the World.

This set is basically a sequel to the similarly-designed Bring 'Em Back Alive card set from the previous year; that set was numbered #1-100, so this one continues the numbering.

The American Card Catalog designation for this set is R714-1.