Antique Autos

antique autos The Antique Autos trading card set was produced by Bowman in 1953. It featured what were then considered classic cars, from the first few decades of the 20th century. There were 48 cards in the set. The American Card Catalog reference number is R701-1.

The card fronts featured a piece of watercolor artwork depicting an automobile from the past, with its model name superimposed in hand-lettering; this was surruonded by a white border along the card edges.

Card backs gave the card number and the set name, then the card title and a paragraph about the automobile in question. Most of the card back was taken up with a second image of the car, this one in red-and-blue 3D anaglyph format.

Many of the images on these cards were taken from a tobacco card issue from 1911.

Owing to the 3D picture on the card backs, six pairs of 3D glasses were packed inside each box of this set; the retailer was urged to give a pair to any young consumer who purchased at least four packs of the series at one time.

The set price does not include the glasses.