Army Navy and Air Corps

Army Navy and Air Corps The Army, Navy, and Air Corps trading card set was released in 1942 by the W.S. Corp. of New York. It is comprised of 48 cards, each measuring appx. 2-3/8"x2-5/8". The American Card Catalog designation is R18.

The card fronts show colorized drawings of contemporary wartime activities and personas, with a red-white-and-blue set logo at the top and the card number in a white circle within the image, with the card title running in a colored banner along the bottom. Card backs repeat the set name number, and title, and give a paragraph of text about the subject.

This set is a 'strip card' issue, meaning the cards were printed in perforated-edged strips and sold either individually or in strips of several cards at a time.

The cards in this set are numbered 601 to 648; other cards from this manufacturer have a similar numbering scheme.

Strips of cards in appropriate condition are considered more valuable than the same number of cards not attached to one another.