Topps Astronauts trading card See the full Astronauts card set here

Topps issued their trading card set devoted to America's astronauts in 1963. The Cold War-era mania for the space program was at its peak during this period, with kids clamoring for anything to do with rockets, jets, other worlds, etc. There were 55 cards in this set.

The card fronts a colorized photograph of an astronaut or space vehicle (or both), surrounded by a white border along the card edges. Inset in the photo was a small yellow block containing the card title in red, with a short description of the photo's subject. The card number appeared in a small blue circle with tiny stars within it.

Card backs showed a 3D red-and-blue anaglyph cartoon depicting a fictional space-related event. The title was below the image in white (note: this was different from the card title on the front), followed by a quick instruction to kids on how to use 3D glasses to view the image. The card backs had black borders.

A pair of 3D glasses was given in each pack of Astronauts cards.

The photos on the card fronts were supplied directly by NASA.

There was a series of cards from this set issued as a premium with Popsicles; those cards feature Astronauts card fronts, but the backs were identical to those from the Space Cards/Target: Moon set, but with no card numbers and different text (they were however identified as 'Popsicle Space Cards' on the back).