Battle (1965)

Topps Battle cards Topps released its Battle trading card set in 1965. It consisted of 66 cards and 24 cloth patches.

The card fronts mostly depicted horrific combat scenes; these were large color artwork pieces that took up most of the card, with a white border along the edges; superimposed over the picture was the card title in a small yellow block. Cards #54-66 featured a different design, with a portrait of a top military leader (aka, Eisenhower) or a particular type of soldier, such as a paratrooper; these had the card title in a yellow block at the base of the picture.

Card backs featured an orange card border with the card number in white at the top left, followed by the set title; below this was an illustration of a U.S. soldier in full combat gear. To the right in a large white block was the card title and a (fictionalized) account of the person or action on the card front.

Each pack of Battle cards contained a cloth patch depicting a military divisional emblem; there were 24 of these and they are much more difficult to find than individual cards from the set. They are generally not included in the set price. The patches measured 2 by 3-5/16 inches.

There were two checklists issued with this set: one for the cards (#66), and the other for the patches (#65).

The dynamic artwork for this series may look familiar to 60's trading card collectors: it was done by Norm Saunders, who also did the artwork for the Mars Attacks and Civil War News sets.