Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica Topps released their Battlestar Galactica card set in 1978. There were 132 cards and 22 stickers in the set.

The popularity of Star Wars inspired many creators of movies, TV shows, toys, collectibles, and other media to create grand science-fiction sagas where spaceships blasted each other with colorful raybeams.

One such effort for the television screen was Battlestar Galactica, a regular show that began airing in 1978 and debuted with a 2-hour TV movie. While not as successful as Star Wars, the show lasted for a time and enthralled kids with its spectacular visual effects, which were outstanding for television at the time.

The card fronts show a character or dramatic scene from the series pilot. The card backs hold one of a number of different features: a puzzle piece; an 11-part story summary; a Character Profile; or a TV Fact, about the behind-the-scenes making of the program.

The sticker photos are surrounded by a purple outline against a 'starry' background. Unlike many Topps sticker issues, the stickers for Battlestar Galactica are numbered and captioned.

Note that there were twice as many cards in this set as in the usual Topps offerings (132 vs. 66).