Beatles Color Cards

Beatles color card Topps released their Beatles Color Cards in 1964. There were 64 cards in the set, no stickers.

Released at the height of Beatlemania in the U.S., these cards offered young collectors the chance to see their musical idols in color, whereas most of the published photographs of the time were in black and white.

The card fronts showed a full-color photo of one or more members of the group, surrounded by a white border, with no caption or other markings on the front. The card backs featured an orange background, with the card number in a black circle to the upper left and the set title in the center beside it. Below was a white vertical box, with line drawings of the four Beatles' faces to the left. Within the box was a text block consisting of a question-and-answer format (i.e., 'Question: Who invented the Beatles Haircomb?' 'Paul Speaking:' followed by a paragraph reply). (Cards 1 through 4 gave more standard introductions of each Beatle and some vital statistics.)

This card series was simultaneously released in the U.S., Canada, and Britain, with slight variations between sets.