Beatles Diary

Beatles Diary Topps issued this Beatles Diary card set in 1964. There were 60 cards in the series.

Besides offering a color photo of one or more of the Beatles, the cards' main conceitwas that they also provided diary entries written by one of the Fab Four. While most of the girls purchasing the cards must have known the diary entries were ghost-written, it was nonetheless one more piece of contact, however imaginary, with their beloved musicians from Liverpool.

The card fronts gave a color photograph of one or more of the Beatles, surrounded by a white border, with no number or caption. The card backs resembled a three-punch hole diary page, with the card number and set name at the top, followed by a block of text purported to be a diary entry (even beginning with 'Dear Diary,') attributed to a member of the group. This was surrounded by a light blue border.