Beatles Plaks

Beatles Plaks See the full Beatles Plaks card set here

Topps released their Beatles Plaks in 1964, at the height of the British musical group's popularity in the U.S. The series consisted of 55 horizontal cards.

The Plaks were basically horizontal cardboard plaques with a simulated wood grain (with 'distressed' edges) background against a white border; within the image area was a trimmed photograph of one or more of the Beatles along with a signature or a slogan, such as 'John Sends Me' or 'The Beatles Are Happening.' A few of the Plaks had a slogan but no photo (and are subsequently worth less).

The Plaks were meant to be collected as cards or could be used as wall hangings; in fact, each card carried perforated tab-and-slot areas which could be used to link several of the cards together in a chain.