Bobby Sherman

Bobby Sherman Topps released this test set devoted to singer/actor Bobby Sherman in 1971.

Card fronts feature a color photograph of Bobby, or one of his co-stars, surrounded by a pink border with an ornate multicolored banner at the top. The card's title sits in a red bubble, with yellow lettering, at bottom.

The card backs offer a variety of offerings, including puzzle pieces, fan club information, and an 'Ask Bobby Sherman' feature, along with the card number and copyright line.

Since this is a test issue, the wrapper is plain white, with the (blue and yellow) graphics consisting of a sticker adhered to the top.

Being a test set, only a very limited number of cards were produced and distributed, and therefore cards and sets are much rarer than ordinary card releases, especially those of the early 70's. It has been estimated that from the original cache of cards found, only about 10 complete sets were put together, with the remaining singles not being complete enough to comprise another set. Some of these were in fact gum-damaged, making higher-quality examples even more difficult to locate.

Bobby Sherman was a teen idol for a (very) brief time in 1970-71, releasing a few hit records and appearing on TV series such as Here Come the Brides before starring in his own series, Getting Together, upon which this card series in based. The show only lasted 13 weeks, but Bobbymania was pretty strong while it lasted, with this card series, a lunchbox, and even records on the backs of contemporary cereal boxes to show for it.