Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts cards The Boy Scouts trading card series was released by Goudey in about 1933. There were 48 cards in the set.

Goudey is best remembered today as the company that produced the famous Indian Gum card series; and, in fact, the company advertised this fact on the backs of this, the Boy Scouts card series.

The card fronts show a central full-color image surrounded by a red, white, and blue border. The top-center of the border has a small banner that gives the set title and then a brief subtitle, such as 'First Aid Series' or 'Story of the Earth.' The bottom of the border gives the name of the product in which these cards were distributed, Some Boy Chewing Gum. The card images themselves either show some subject related directly to scouting, or illustrate a subject relating to the natural sciences.

Card backs are green ink against a white background. The top left gives the card number, while to the right is repeated the subtitle from the front of the card. Below these are the card caption and block of text. At the bottom are an ad for the rest of the card set, as well as for Some Boy chewing gum, and other matter.

Although these cards may look a bit stodgy to modern eyes, they are fiercely sought by hardcore vintage card collectors.

Value: Individual cards from this set in Excellent condition usually command around $15.00 each. A full set of Boy Scouts cards will probably bring around $850.00.