Brady Bunch

Brady Bunch card Topps released their regular Brady Bunch card series in 1971. There were 88 cards in the set.

The Brady Bunch had been on the air for at least a year or more when Topps took the plunge and released this card set devoted to the beloved sitcom.

Actually, Topps had launched a brief test set of 55 cards the year before. These cards are much more difficult to find, and subsequently more in demand (and more expensive). Test cards can be differentiated from the regular series by the copyright date: the earlier test set, oddly enough, has a 1970 copyright date on the back of the cards, while the regular series has a 1969 copyright. The two sets are otherwise identical (other than the fact that the regular set has 33 more cards in it).

The card fronts feature a color photo, either a still from an episode, or a studio portrait of an actor, surrounded by a thin white border, then a thicker woodgrain-type border extending to the edges of the card; this is to simulate the look of a television screen (and the window around the image enhances this effect). The card caption is superimposed over the image in a small rounded area. The card backs are all puzzle pieces.

This set is widely collected, given its vintage and the fact that the show is so loved by audiences.