Cartoon Comics

Cartoon Comics The Cartoon Comics card set was released by an unknown manufacturer in about 1935. Thee were 48 cards to the set.

This card set seems to have been a prequel to the Cartoon Adventures set, because the two are identical in design.

Unlike the other set, however, Cartoon Comics is divided equally between 8 different strips, with 8 cards each: Dick Tracy, Little Orphan Annie, Harold Teen, Moon Mullins, Joe Palooka, and Terry and the Pirates. Again, each 8-card sequence begins with a a 'portrait' of the lead character, followed by 7 action/story cards.

Each card front depicts a color piece of artwork, with the series title at the bottom. The story cards feature word balloons to show dialog, rather than captions. The card backs are blank.

This series seems to have been issued in strips, given the serrated edges on most existing cards. The method of distribution, however, is still unknown.

The American Card Catalog reference number for this series is R27.

Value: Although nearly identical to Cartoon Adventures, this set is not quite worth as much (probably owing to the absence of Tarzan and Buck Rogers, two widely collected characters). Individual cards in this set may be worth anywhere between $20.00 and $100.00, depending on the character, while a full set might command between $1,200.00 and $1,500.00.