Charlie's Angels

Charlie's Angels See all of the 1st series of Charlie's Angels cards HERE

Topps released its Charlie’s Angels card sets between 1977 and 1978. Series 1 contained 55 cards, while series 2-4 contained 65 cards each. There were 11 stickers with each series.

Charlie's Angels was one of the hottest TV shows during the mid-1970's. Why not? – it featured three gorgeous women who solved mysteries and got into all kinds of wacky adventures.

Topps released their first series of Charlie's Angels trading cards in 1977. The initial series was successful enough that the company released another set, and then another, until by the end of 1978 four different series of cards had been made available.

Card fronts basically pictured a color photo of a character or scene from the TV show, surrounded by a color border and the card number in a small version of the show logo in the upper left. A text caption ran along the bottom.

Card backs contained either a puzzle piece or a block of text about the show or its stars. Stickers were blank-backed.