Civil War News

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Topps released their popular Civil War News card set in 1962. There were 88 cards and 17 paper inserts in the complete set.

Civil War News was a successful, if controversial, trading card series that first appeared in 1962 during the Civil War centennial celebrations.

The front of each card features a piece of color artwork rendered by artist Norman Saunders. The back is a fashioned after a period newspaper page, with a headline and text. Many of the incidents recounted on Civil War News cardbacks were fabricated. Packs also contained facsimile Confederate notes of different denominations.

Widely collected and valued among collectors (aside from some bulk warehouse finds of cards in mint condition), the Civil War News cards were originally rejected by parents for their portrayals of violence (despite the cards' perceived educational value). This set was somewhat mild, of course, compared to the Mars Attacks set which would come shortly thereafter (by the same publisher and artist).