Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Close Encounters Topps released their Close Encounters set in 1978. It contained 66 cards and 11 stickers.

Close Encounters of the Third Kind was director Steven Spielberg's science fiction/UFO epic before E.T. came along. The film followed closely on the heels of a wave of interest in UFO's during the mid-70's.

Card fronts depicted a dramatic scene from the film, surrounded by a thin red frame against a black card border, with a title at the bottom. The card number was depicted inside a small picture of a UFO's glow over an open highway in the lower left.

Card backs were split between 22 Movie Fact text entries and 11 puzzle pieces.

Stickers featured die-cut characters in a yellow outline against a black background (except for sticker #1, which had a red outline against a starry background). Stickers were numbered but not captioned.