Comic Book Heroes Stickers

Comic Book Heroes Stickers Topps released their Comic Book Heroes sticker set in 1975. There were 40 stickers and 9 checklist/puzzle pieces in the set.

Drawing on the popularity of the Marvel superheroes in the mid-70's, Topps decided to put out a sticker set in which images of the heroes were given with humorous word-balloon captions.

The card fronts feature an image of a particular Marvel superhero (or villain), taken from existing comic book artwork, with a word balloon over his/her head featuring a humorous caption. These are enclosed by a thick black border, within which the sticker image is die-cut, then a white border leading out to the card's edge which features the name of the character. The stickers are blank-backed.

The checklists give the names of the characters to go by, since the stickers are not numbered.

Note: There are apparently two variations of this card set; one has stickers on thinner, whiter paper, with the checklist cards on white cardstock; the second has stickers on tan backs, with cards on the more common, darker cardboard stock.

Although not difficult to find, this set is in some demand by both vintage card and comic book collectors.