Comic Cover Stickers

Comic Cover Stickers The Comic Cover Stickers set from Topps was released in 1970. It consists of 44 different sticker designs.

This small but interesting sticker set, meant to appeal to card as well as comic book collectors, featured recent DC Comics covers. Fifteen of the stickers featured one cover prominently, while the remaining 29 had four small cover images to one sticker.

The stickers were blank backed. The wrapper for this set featured a red background with yellow lettering. The suggested retail was 5 cents.

Looking at this card set, one is struck by how diverse the comic book industry was at that time; romance comics feature prominently within the series (possibly meant to attract young female collectors), as well as the excellent horror and humor titles that DC was publishing then. By the end of the 70's, superheroes would all but wipe out other genres.