Commando Ranger

Commando-Ranger cards The Commando-Ranger card series was produced sometime in the early 1940's by W.H. Brady & Co. There were 70 cards in the set.

The card fronts depict a crude colored line drawing of either a person or an action, involving the U.S. military and the then-current World War II conflict. The set title is set in a white bar at the top, with the card title in a white bar at the bottom. Along either side is a repeated line of V's (for Victory, one supposes) in blue and red, respectively. The card backs give the set name, the card number, a paragraph of text, then an ad for the entire card set.

Commando-Ranger was a strip card set produced to highlight the exploits of what were at the time the American special forces troops. Produced by W.H. Brady & Co., the set may have been meant to stand as 1/3 of a larger card set, also comprising Allies In Action. Commando-Ranger cards are numbered CR-1 to CR-70; Allies in Action was numbered AA-71 to AA-210. There are also other similarities between the two sets (the most obvious being the V's lining the sides of both card fronts). Nevertheless, collectors consider them to be two separate series.

Three different back variations exist. The two most common are printed in black ink; below the set title at the top is the word 'genuine' which is printed with either a capital or small 'G'. A third, much more rare, variation exists in which the text on the back is printed in green ink, surrounded by a checkerboard pattern.

A wrapper for this set has allegedly been found, for a product called Victory Candy, which the cards were inserted with. W.H. Brady then would have been just the printer of the cards, while the producer of the candy, a House of Merrick, should be considered the proper creators of the card set. It may be that some variations of the set were not printed in perforated strips.

The American Card Catalog number for the set is R34.