Cops and Robbers

Cops and Robbers The Cops and Robbers set was released by Fleer in about 1935. There are 35 cards in the set.

This unusual card set is highly sought after by collectors. It features 30 criminals and only 5 cops, with each ohoto tinted a different color (red, brown, green, orange, and purple, and each character can be found in all colors).

The card front shows a tinted portrait of a character, with his name at the top and the name of the card series at bottom. The back of the card gives the card number, the name of the character, and a paragraph of text about him, followed by copyright matter at the bottom.

The characters depicted on these cards are fictional.

Note: These cards originally came with extra 2/3-length tabs attached at the top (see perforations on top of the card at the right), which were labeled 'Evidence' and given the same card number along with a block of text. The vast majority of surviving cards no longer have this tab still attached, so when one is found, it commands a high premium with collectors.

Note again that each character can be found in each color variation, which means that a collector wanting a full set of all variations would have to amass 175 different cards.

Value: Cards from this set without tabs (which are graded as being whole without the tab) in otherwise Excellent condition can bring up to $20.00 to $25.00 each. A full set might bring $750.00 to $1,000. Note that cards with tabs will probably bring 25-50% more.