Crazy Cards

Crazy Cards Topps released their series of Crazy Cards in 1961. There were 66 cards in the set.

Subtitled 'World's Wackiest Facts,' this wacky card set continued Topps's success with illustrated card sets featuring juvenile humor.

The card fronts featured the series title along the top, with a full-color illustration below, setting up a gag by telling the story of a person or event... which was continued on the back with a concluding punchline. Card backs were printed in blue ink, with the card number in a black circle at the lower right.

Topps would have several successful card sets featuring this type of humor over three decades, culminating in the super-successful Wacky Packages mega-set during the early 1970's.

At least some of the artwork for this series was done by legendary comics artist Wally Wood.