Daktari The Philadelphia Chewing Gum Co. (aka Philly Gum) released its Daktari trading card set in 1967 (the cards have a 1966 date); it consisted of 66 cards.

The television show Daktari delighted audiences of the mid-60's with its story of a doctor's family caring for animals in an African nature reserve.

Card fronts depict a scene from the (black-and-white) TV show, with the title in a small block superimposed over the image.

The card backs are more elaborate. They contain a puzzle piece (with a brief line identifying which puzzle the piece belonged to); a brief summary of the action depicted on the card front; and a translation of an English phrase into Swahili, including a phonetic pronunciation.

There were no stickers issued with this card set.

Daktari trading card box