Dark Crystal

the Dark Crystal trading cards Donruss released their card series devoted to the Dark Crystal fantasy film in 1982. There were 78 rounded-edged cards in the set.

Coming the year after Donruss's freshman baseball card effort, this set is a breath of fresh air from the company. The cards are very attractive and colorful, and this was the first time in several years that a card company had produced a set with rounded edges. The design, along with the weird characters in the photos, would make this a good set to introduce a child to the joys of card-collecting, and at a decent price.

The card fronts offer a photo still from the film, overlaid at the bottom right with a small title logo, surrounded by a thick, stylized purple border. The backs again feature the wide border, with the set title in larger type at top center, with the card number, card caption, and a paragraph of text in the center. This is followed at the bottom with a brief preview of the next card in the set, and the copyright info.