Dick Tracy

Dick Tracy cards This set of cards devoted to the comic-strip lawman was produced sometime in the 1930's by the Walter H. Johnson Candy Co. There are 144 cards in the set, each measuring 2-3/8" by 2-7/8".

The card fronts depict a piece of colored artwork surrounded by a white border with the card number and caption at the bottom. The card backs repeat the card number and the caption, then give a long paragraph of text. An ad for the set and the name of the manufacturer is at the bottom.

The card set is basically separated into two series: 1-96, and 97-144. The backs of the first series indicate 'This is one of a set of 96 cards'... while the backs of the second series indicate 'of a set of 144 cards'.

The wrapper for this set features red and blue artwork and is captioned, 'Dick Tracy Caramels.'

In the 1980's, a large group of the cards #121-144 appeared within the hobby, leading to questions about whether they had been reprinted or whether a warehouse find had been made. It is generally believed that these more plentiful cards have been reprinted, since the unquestioned originals seem to have been printed on heavier and less glossy card stock.

Value: Individual Dick Tracy cards in Excellent condition, if thought to be authentic, can range from $3.00 to $15.00 each, depending on the card number and desirability. The entire set may cost around $1,500.00.

The American Card Catalog number for this set is R41.