Dinosaurs series

Dinosaur cards Nu-Card Sales released their Dinosaur Series cards in 1961. There were 80 cards in the set.

This card set may initially look plain to collectors who have never seen it, but Nu-Card's Dinosaurs are a fun series to collect, with great artwork that could have been presented a little better.

The card fronts feature an illustration of a prehistoric animal (sometimes more than one), with the image surrounded by a blue-green border, with the name of the creature at the bottom center, and the card number within a white dinosaur silhouette at the left.

Card backs have an illustrated Dinosaur Series logo in red, with the card number repeated and a brief bit of text about the creature on the front, with the copyright line at the bottom.

Also on the card backs is a box that says 'See wrapper for free album,' and gives a letter of the alphabet. A free album, in which to mount one's cards, could be obtained by sending the company 8 cards each with the letters that spell out DINOSAUR on their backs.

Note: Although the card backs clearly state Dinosaur Series as the title (and it is this which it is widely called within the hobby), the packs state Dinosaur Trading Cards, while the box refers to Dinosaur Monsters!