Disneyland cards Donruss issued their Disneyland card series in 1965. There were 66 cards in the set.

The cards show colorful, interesting photos taken at various places around the amusement park, highlighting the different 'Lands' (Frontierland, e.g.) and characters found there.

There are two variations of this series, the so-called Blue Backs and Puzzle Backs. The Blue Back card front have simply a color photo, surrounded by a white border, while the backs feature a design surrounded by a blue border, containing the set title, the card number, the card caption, and at the bottom 'Visit Disneyland in '65. Celebrating its first fabulous decade' and the copyright line.

The Puzzle Backs contain the same color photo on front, but slightly smaller in size, the bottom 10% or so cut off to provide space for the card number, caption (interestingly, a different caption from what is on the Blue Backs cards), an ad for the card set, followed by the 'Visit Disneyland in '65....' promotion and a copyright. The card backs have puzzle pieces.

Note: The Blue Back variations are much more difficult to find than the Puzzle Backs, and are priced accordingly.