Dixie Cup Lids - 1952 - Cowboy, Movie, & TV Stars

1952 Dixie Cup lids For over two decades, Dixie sold lids to various regional dairies that featured photos of popular movie and television stars (as well as other subjects) on them, in order to entice purchasers of the dairies' individual ice cream cup treats. In addition, kids could save the lids and then redeem them for premium photographs of the same stars. The lids and the premiums are naturally grouped together by year, but are considered two separate collectible sets.

This set of lids consisted of 24 unnumbered lids in three different sizes: small (2-1/4" diameter), medium (2-3/4"), and large (3").

The lids feature a blue-tinted, 3/4-of-a-circle photograph of a film or TV star (this was the first Dixie lids set to include television personalities). Below the photo is the star's name and the current movie or TV series for which he or she is known.

The backs of these lids invariably feature an ad for the regional dairy that sold the ice cream.

Note that the largest size of these lids are the easiest to find, for whatever reason.

A set of 24 unnumbered photo premiums was available for redemption of these lids.

The American Card Catalog number for this set is F5-18.

Value: Lids from this series, in Excellent condition, can usually command a value between $5.00 and $12.00, depending on the (current) popularity of the star (the most valued here being John Wayne). A full set of 24 lids can bring as much as $200.00.

A Checklist for the 1952 Dixie Cup Lids set includes:
Rex Allen - The Arizona Cowboy
June Allyson - The Girl in White
Johnny Mack Brown - The Man from Black Hills
Rod Cameron - Fort Osage
Jeff Chandler - Red Ball Express
Bing Crosby - Just For You
Dagmar - An NBC Television Star
Wild Bill Elliott - Waco
Clark Gable - Lone Star
Mitzi Gaynor - Down Among the Sheltering Palms
Stewart Granger - Scaramouche
Bob Hope - Son of Paleface
Betty Hutton - The Greatest Show on Earth
Gene Kelly - The Devil Makes Three
Alan Ladd - Red Mountain
Allan Rocky Lane - and His Stallion, Black Jack
Mario Lanza - Because You're Mine
Jean Peters - Viva Zapata
Charles Starrett - Laramie Mountains
Elizabeth Taylor - Ivanhoe
Robert Taylor - Ivanhoe
Forrest Tucker - Hoodlum Empire
John Wayne - John Ford's The Quiet Man
Shelley Winters - Untamed