Drag Nationals

Drag Nationals Fleer released their Drag Nationals card set in 1972. There were 70 cards in the set.

This is one of several card sets that took advantage of kids' interest in drag racing in the early 1970's.

The card fronts show a color photo of a drag racing scene, uncaptioned, with rounded edges and a thick white border leading to the card edge. The backs are much more interesting. Printed in blue ink, they give the AHRA logo, the set title, then details about the name of the particular car shown on the front, its type, its owner, and other information, followed by a long paragraph of text. The card number and copyright line are at the bottom.

Note: Though not difficult to find, many of these cards have found their way into the hands of racing enthusiasts and other specialty collectors.

Fleer also released a set of these cards in Canada, which can be distinguished by the copyright line on the back.