Dragstrips cards and stickers Dragstrips was a set of cards and stickers released by Fleer in about 1970. There is an indeterminate number of stickers in the complete 'set,' and each sheet of stickers (which normally holds more than one sticker) measures 2 by 4.5 inches, while the cards are slightly larger at 2.5 by 4.5 inches.

The cards from this set feature a black-and-white photo of a dragstrip hot rod or similar scene, and are unnumbered and blank-backed. The stickers, as mentioned, are small and come several (usually four) to a sheet; they advertise for products like Monroe shocks or STP oil, but also feature car parts, popular phrases from the sport, and similar items.

Note that this release is very similar to Stick Shift, which Fleer would release the next year.