Elvis Presley 1956

Elvis Presley 1956 New - see the full Topps 1956 Elvis card set here

The 1956 series of Elvis Presley cards was released by Topps. This was the first card series devoted to the then-relatively-new singer, who by that time had already garnered a string of hit songs and thousands of fans all across America (most of them female).

The series consists of 66 regular cards. Both 1-cent and 5-cent wrappers are known to exist. The fronts consist of color photos with the card title in a silhouette guitar shape; the backs consist of question-and-answers (with Elvis's replies almost certainly written by a Topps editorial employee), record checklists, and plot synopses from one of the singer's films.

Graded cards from this series are highly sought by collectors. The 5-cent wrapper is much harder to find than the 1-cent version, and is thus more expensive. Boxes for this set are considered rare and nearly impossible to locate.