Elvis (1978)

Elvis Presley See the full Donruss Elvis card set here

This Elvis Presley trading card set was produced by Donruss in 1978, about a year after the celebrated singer's untimely death. There were 66 cards in the set, with no stickers.

The card fronts sported either a color or black-and-white photo of Elvis, drawn from different points in his career, surrounded by a colorful, stylish border; there was no caption on the card fronts. Card backs contained two types of text features: Elvis Facts, which could be found on cards 1-48; and Elvis Records on cards 49-66, listing the singer's various bestselling singles and albums.

Note: there are 2 versions of card #24; one of them contains the same photo as card #59. This was probably an early production error that was corrected in later printings.

This card set isn't worth a lot of money today, despite hoarders' way of thinking at the time – both Elvis fans and trading card collectors bought the cards, many of them thinking that "these will be worth something some day." The truth is that so many of them did so, that the cards are easily available at flea markets, antique malls, online, etc.