The Empire Strikes Back

Empire Strikes Back trading cards Also known as Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, this card set is devoted to the second in George Lucas's original science-fantasy trilogy. The set was released in three series between 1980 and 1981 and contains 132 cards in each series, along with 33 stickers in each of the first two series, and 22 in the last.

The first series card fronts feature a color photo from the film surrounded by a red liner, with a metallic border along the edges of the card. The caption is given at the bottom. The card backs offer a block of text labeled 'Story Digest,' along with the card number, set logo, and a preview of the next card's image. The stickers offer a yellow border around the die-cut character pictured.

The second series cards are similar in design to the first. The fronts have a thin blue liner arond the main photo instead of red. The backs offer a couple of different types of backs. The first is similar to the 'Story Digest' backs from the previous series, only these are labeled 'Star Quiz,' asking trivia questions which are answered on the next card. The second type is more of a straightforward block of text divided between 'Starcrafts' and 'Movie Facts'; the fronts of these show starship portraits and behind-the-scenes shots, respectively. The stickers have blue borders.

The third series cards are gold-bordered (metallic), with a green liner around the main image and the card's text in green lettering also. The backs offer 'Star Quotes' from the first two films. The stickers for this series have green borders.

Not quite as successful as the original multi-series Star Wars card set, this was nevertheless a welcome addition to the collections of card enthusiasts at the time of release.