Evel Knievel

Evel Knievel trading card See the full Evel Knievel card set here

The Evel Knievel trading card set was released in 1974 by Topps, at the height of the stuntman's fame with kids across America. There were 60 cards and 22 stickers in the set.

Card fronts depicted a photo of Evel surrounded by a red border with white stars, with a thinner blue border along the card edges. Card backs were blue, with a drawing of Evel to the side and a text block giving information about his career (and with an obligatory line warning kids not to attempt any of the daredevil's stunts).

The stickers for this set were unusual in that they were composed of 16 smaller square stickers, each showing the logo of an automobile or auto-parts manufacturer, with the Topps logo and the heading Auto Stickers at the top. (These were similar to stickers issued with the Way-Out Wheels trading card series).

This card series is considered a 'test' issue by many, owing to the fact that it is relatively harder to complete than other card series of the time. Also, wrappers for this set were cellophane rather than waxed paper, which was again unusual for that era.