Famous Discoveries and Adventures

Famous Discoveries and Adventures Leaf Sales Confectionary released this card set devoted to Famous Discoveries and Adventurers in 1961. There are 50 cards in the set.

Although this card set isn't particularly old or obscure, it isn't well recorded in published price guides for some reason. Since this was produced by Leaf, was it a Canada-only issue? Or perhaps British? In any case, it features vivid artwork illustrating a fascinating subject, and its relatively low price (possibly due to its obscurity) should attract a wider following.

The card fronts feature a piece of color artwork, surrounded by a white border, with no caption or card number. The card backs offer the series title, followed by 'A series of 50,' followed by the card number, title, and a block of text. A Leaf logo (of a boy blowing a bubble) is at the bottom, with no other copyright information.