Firefighters Bowman released their Firefighters card set in 1952. There were 64 cards in the set.

This curious card set played upon little boys' love of fire engines and the men who used them. The variety of firetrucks shown in this set is suprising, to those not otherwise knowledgeable about the subject matter.

The card fronts show a piece of color artwork depicting a particular fire engine, surrounded by a white border. The card backs give the card number (in the center of a generic Firefighters set logo) at the top beside a red banner that contains a safety admonishment of some sort (i.e., 'Don't leave camp fires burning!'). Below this is given the name of the firetruck and a block of text about it, along with a small line drawing of a historical piece of firefighting equipment (such as a type of horn or alarm) and a brief desciption of its use. Along the bottom of the card back is the line 'Cooperation of Uniformed Firemen's and Uniformed Fire Officers Assocations, City of New York,' which Bowman apparently got (or made kids think they got) in the making of the set.

Despite the subject matter not being to everyone's liking, this is a widely collected card series due to its vintage and colorful artwork.

Value: Individual cards from this set, in Excellent condition, command between $8.00 and $10.00 each. A full set of 64 might bring as much as $500.00 to $650.00.