Flags of the Nations

Flags of the Nations Flags of the Nations was a 50-card set released by the Baltimore Chewing Gum Co. sometime in the 1930's. Each card measures 2-5/16" by 2-7/8".

This simple but charming card set is composed of artwork depicting people from various nations standing in their native dress, holding up their respective national flags. The art is almost childlike in its depiction, and thereby lies much of its appeal.

The card fronts are in color, with no text or number, the image surrounded by a blue border. The card backs are numbered and give the nation depicted, along with a small block of text about it. This is followed by the set title and the words 'This is one of fifty cards in the FLAG GUM.' The name of the issuer is at the bottom.

Note that Kenny's Coffee had put out a nearly identical set of cards, under the same title, a decade previous; also, that both of these series seem to have taken some of their images, or at least their design, from yet another card set called Flags of Nations issued by the Weber Baking Co. in the 1920's. The images of that set were larger and vertical, however.

Note: Although it has long been suspected that there are two cards for Nicaragua, it may be that one of the cards actually depicts Guatemala, although a card error has confused the two.

The Amerian Card Catalog reference number is R52.

Value: Difficult to locate, the value on these cards given here is mostly speculative. Individual cards may run $10.00 to $25.00 each, with a full set commanding $500.00 to $650.00.