Foney Ads

Foney Ads cards Leaf Brands Inc. released their Foney Ads card series in 1960. There were 72 numbered cards in the set.

Years before Wacky Packages, there was this effort by Leaf to spoof the consumer products of the time. The spirit was much the same, although the level of humor wasn't quite as biting and satirical as the later, more famous effort. Nescafe coffee became Nuts-Cafe; Tang instant breakfast drink became Fang; One-A-Day vitamins became None-A-Day; and so on.

The card fronts show a piece of full-color line art, usually depicting a spoof product of some sort. The backs give the set name and card number at top, followed by, to the left, a hobo type character, while the right 2/3 of the card is dominated by a block of text with the title Mr. Foney's Funnies, containing a joke of some sort. At the bottom is a disclaimer, 'Foney ads are presented in a spirit of fun for your enjoyment.'

Coming from Leaf, naturally a Canadian version was released, although that effort took the title Mr. Baloney's Comics.

The American Card Catalog reference number for this set is R734-1.