Frankenstein stickers

Frankenstein sticker Topps released their set of Frankenstein stickers in 1966. There were 44 stickers in the set.

Kids of the 1960's (and later) loved their monsters, and most producers of pop-culture material thought it best to tame the fearsome creatures by adding humor, perhaps to help fend off parental disapproval. Topps's Frankenstein Stickers were a perfect example of this.

Each sticker features color artwork of a monster (drawn, it should be noted, without a humorous context - i.e., the monsters all look as if they are meant to be taken seriously) within a heart-shaped frame, with a colored block below containing a humorous caption. The stickers are die-cut surrounding this, with the card number and copyright line appearing on the borders. The stickers are blank-backed.

It appears that each monster image was drawn specifically for this sticker set. It is also widely believed to have been drawn by some of Topps' best illustrators of the period, such as Norman Saunders, Wallace Wood, and Jack Davis.

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