Frontier Days

Frontier Days Bowman Gum released their Frontier Days trading card set in 1953. There were 128 cards in all, each measuring 2-1/2" x 3-3/4".

Bowman Gum apparently reused some (all?) of the artwork from their Wild West set from 1953, for this newer one. This may rankle some collectors, who feel like they are paying for the same artwork twice, but nevertheless this is an attractive and fun card set to collect.

The card fronts show a piece of color artwork depicting a character or scene from the Old West. The art is surrounded by a white border, and within it there are black-and-white line drawings of Western style implements (a lasso, a rifle) on either side.

The card backs are pretty simple: the logo for the card set, followed by the card number and the card caption, followed by a block of text. At the bottom is the copyright matter. The Canadian version of this card set, from Parkhurst, carries bilingual text.

Value: Individual cards from this set, in Excellent condition, can be had for about $4.00 to $5.00 each, with a full set bringing about $650.00 to $700.00.