Fun With Pop Magic Tricks

Fun With Pop Magic Tricks The Fun With Pop: Magic Tricks cards were released sometime in the 1950's by DCA Food Industries Inc. of New York. There were 24 cards in the set.

The card fronts depict a piece of color line art, basically illustrating a given trick or illusion. Each card is numbered at the upper right, and the line 'Collect All 24 Cards' appears at the bottom. The card backs give the Fun With Pop set title and logo, followed by an explanation of the trick, then an ad for purchasing an album to hold a full set of the cards.

This is one of apparently three card series known to fall under the 'Fun With Pop' title. The other two are Animals and Outer Space. Each series has 24 cards, with a collector's album available for purchase for each. The different card sets have different modes of 'play'. Apparently the 'Fun With Pop' title referred to the child and his or her father enjoying the cards together. The card backs mention a 'Fun With Pop campaign'; perhaps this was some socially conscious effort to bring kids and parents closer together?

For the Magic Tricks series, kids learned various simple magic tricks and illusions, one per card.

It's not known at this time how these cards were distributed; they were probably not given out one at a time with food or candy issues, as is usually common. The cards appear to have been die-cut, and it's possible they were issued in groups of several cards at once. Since the 'Collect All 24' line is prominent, however, it's unlikely that full sets were marketed together all at once.

Value: Individual cards from this set, in Excellent condition, usually command between $1.00 and $1.50 each. A full set of 24 cards may bring between $25.00 and $30.00. An album in Excellent condition (without the cards) may bring about $20.00.