Giant Size Funny Valentines

Giant Size Funny Valentines Topps released their Giant Size Funny Valentines card series in 1961. It consisted of 55 cards.

For a time, Topps had a hit with wacky card series that featured outlandish drawings and (mostly dumb) jokes that kids would 'get.' Wacky Plaks were certainly a textbook example of this, but even more so were the Funny Valentines that the company released starting in 1959.

These were a decent success for them, so much so that after a second series, it was decided that something more was needed to get kids to purchase yet another batch. Someone at Topps must have suggested that another series of the illustrated gags be produced, this time in a new larger size, and thus the Giant Size Funny Valentines were born.

The cards were each 2.5 by 4.75 inches, and consisted of a full-color cartoon on the front which set up a punchline delivered on the back, which was illustrated with a black-and-white line drawing against a solid orange background. Each card was numbered on the back, and room was allowed for the purchaser to write the recipient's name if it were delivered to a classmate or other foil.

The drawings were done with the usual skill by Jack Davis.