Gomer Pyle USMC cards on Ebay

Gomer Pyle

Gomer Pyle USMC

Fleer produced this Gomer Pyle USMC card set in 1965. There are 66 cards in the set.

Gomer Pyle USMC was a spin-off from the popular Andy Griffith Show. Goofy, likeable mechanic Gomer joins the Marine Corps, where his affable screwups make him the bane of Sgt. Carter's life. The series ran for 5 seasons on CBS, then for several more years in reruns. "Shazam!"

The card fronts feature a black and white still photograph from the show, surrounded by a white border and with a funny caption at the bottom.

The card backs give the card number, then a large show logo (featuring likenesses of Gomer and Sgt. Carter) in monochromatic light blue, surrounding a text box that contains another, longer gag. The copyright matter is at the bottom.

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