Green Hornet Photos

Bruce Lee as Kato in The Green Hornet Donruss released this set of Green Hornet Photos cards in 1966. There were 44 cards in the set.

The Green Hornet was invented for a 1936 radio serial and has continued to pop up now and then in popular entertainment ever since, up to and including the recent big-screen comedic adaptation featuring Seth Rogan. Arguably the most ubiquitous appearance of the character, though, was in the mid-60's TV series starring Van Williams as the title character and Bruce Lee as his chauffeur and secret weapon, Kato.

The card fronts depict a color photo still from the TV series, surrounded by a white border and showing a small but stylish Green Hornet Photos logo to the lower left.

The card backs feature puzzle pieces, but about 1/3 of the area is taken up by a green section with the set title, card number, and a brief block of text about the image, along with the copyright matter.